Thursday, September 23, 2010

All you people in my way,

walking while talking on your mobile,
walking while reading,
standing in the middle of the sidewalk playing your DS,
mounting stairs at a maddeningly slow pace while texting, during rush hour,
practicing your golf swing with your umbrella on a busy train platform,

I have a near-uncontrollable impulse to body check you or trip you with my umbrella. My resistance thus far has been valiant but might not last. Be warned.


  1. There is something in the air. I'm getting pissed off with that (especially the walking one way while looking another. I let them walk into me now while stiffening my upper body) and people who make disgusting noises when eating. I am not going to eat in any cheap food establishments for a while; no more single men gasping, grunting, teeth sucking, gurping from eating too fast. Screw that.

    I've been sounding moody these last two comments...

  2. I'd feel the same way myself with people standing in the way. And thanks for stopping by my place and commenting, much appreciated. :)

  3. Failure to acknowledge wrong-doing with a courtesy nod, grunt, 'sumimasen' or the like is annoying me greatly. Lately I've been bashed, biffed and bumped without the hint of an apology. Excusable on a packed train but not so much in an empty supermarket. The "people-might-not-know-how-to-apologise-when-they-see-you're-foreign" excuse is laughable at best and bashable at worst.

  4. Jen, I feel ya. Commuter rage makes me unreasonably angsty and I feel I can relate to postal workers sometimes.

    I don't think I spend that much time in the food establishments you speak of, probably because they don't have anything I can eat. Though there is always our darling burping fellow at Kikuna. :)

  5. God it is dayyeeffffinitely in the air.

  6. JPT, I can usually let it flow but sometimes it's just too much!

    Jdrama, I think you're absolutely right. I hate that excuse and think people who use foreignness as a way to eschew common courtesy should be farted on in a crowded train.

  7. Beth, I got sneezed on tonight. Great, cold season is just around the corner.