Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Komeda Coffee

I like this funny chain of coffee shops called Komeda Coffee. It's like an old-fashioned kissaten.
They have "Vienna coffee", which in kissa-speak means coffee with whipped cream on it. They have old fashioned booths and every drink before 11 a.m. comes with toast and an egg.
The shop is originally from Nagoya.
I can't resist this kitschy diner/coffee shop/kissaten hybrid throwback. It gives me a little whiff of road trips and truck stops.


  1. I haven't been paying attention to this chain... must fix that.

  2. I get the sense that it's an outskirts of town kind of place, could be wrong though. I've found it on highways and byways, but not toll roads or freeways.

  3. I've eaten lunch at the one in Kanayama for the last three days. "Eggu banso" is awesome!

  4. I've been craving it lately - haven't been in a few months! Passed one a couple of days ago and thought - must go soon. Vienna coffee - or as they like to say, wiener coffee.