Thursday, May 13, 2010

My shoes are talking.
"Hey, what are you gawping at? You look like a country bumpkin!"
"Me? Speak for yourself! Catching flies?"
"Shut up. Got any Shoe Goo?"
"Me neither. So shut your trap."
"I would if I could."


  1. And my right shoe says:
    RS: "Ow!"
    LS: "Wut?"
    RS: "Stop banging into me!"
    LS: "Wut?!"
    RS: "You're always rubbing up against me!"
    LS: "I can't help it! The foot was born that way!"
    RS: "Just -hey!"
    LS: "!!!!"
    RS: "You're doing it again!"
    LS: "I'm telling you the foot is handicapped you twat! It was born this way! What can I do?"
    RS: "I don't care!!! Get away from me you bummer!"

    Or something like that. (left foot turns in slightly, all my shoes are scuffed on the inside)