Wednesday, May 26, 2010

ladies who lunch

Went to this organic restaurant the other day in Center Kita, in northern Yokohama. Confusingly, it's called Restaurant and Café Coa, located in the Natural and Harmonic Plant's store (don't get me started on superfluous apostrophes, I might spit).  They have a nice vegetarian set lunch as well as meat and fish stuff, and it's all connected to a natural food grocery store. It's in the Northport Mall. Thanks JB.


  1. thank you for your words, and good spanish too.
    I´m just a ghost passing through. If you ever want to chat a little with a (may be) friend from (almost) other world, just let me know. I´d love to. on msn.

    gracias a ti, simpática Selena.

    (my little niece is named Selena too, like the famous mexican singer)

  2. by the way:

    Como la flor = Like the flower.

    (don´t you think you look like her? Nevermind)

  3. Yes, I'm familiar with the Tejana singer. I was born before she was popular and died, though, so I'm not named for her. I'm named for the Greek moon goddess. No creo que yo resemble ella mucho, pero ella era muy bonita.

  4. Tú eres muy bonita también.
    "Hasta la vista, baby."

  5. Mmmm crunchy vegetables. It's been a long time. (looks around nervously at industrial, processed food wrappers...)

  6. Don't feel bad. It happens to the best of us.