Tuesday, January 19, 2010

perfect on paper, or, Just Because You're Vegan It Doesn't Mean You're Not a Dipshit

I like to make lists. Sometimes they help remind me what needs to be done. I'm a scatterbrain and get distracted by the details. Lists can go wrong, though. Talking to my girl T the other day, she mentioned that she was looking at a vegetarian dating site. She found a guy who seemed to have all the right characteristics: vegan, a dancer, into antiques and fashion, etc.
Upon further investigation, however, she discovered that it was someone we know well: an ex of a good friend of ours. A total manipulative cheating douchey jerk.
That's the problem with checklisting life. If you're too strict about finding all the things or qualities you think you want, you're likely to miss out on something you didn't even know you needed.And end up with a scummy scumbag instead.


  1. Well, in love, what I find works well is to not even bother thinking about how you want to live your life in a relationship (fretting about independence etc) or making a list; the right person, the one that makes you melt and how you will be with that person will flow naturally.

    I *think*.

  2. I really like this post! So true, so true. Another thing I've noticed about life's checklists, is the disappointment I feel if I couldn't get something done, or if things don't meet the high expectations I've made sometimes.

    *Here's to a wonderful 2010, scumbag free!*

  3. sigh. i know, right?

    i am going through a really hard time guy wise right now *shhhh dont tell anyone.... i keep that stuff off my blog* and i am so very jaded.

    even if it seems perfect on paper, perfect in life, boys still find a way to screw it up

    NO SARAH... no negativityyyyy

  4. Jen, how true. You are so wise. I'm totally going to come to you for relationship advice.

  5. Women! You women are amazing!

    Julie Ann, thank you! I try to be careful about my lists, and not overwhelm myself with expectations, but to also try to give myself some direction. Balance!

    Have a great new year too!

  6. YES i will be here!
    you can come stay here. and sleep under my kotatsu


  7. Sarah, I feel ya, girl. Boys can be real dumb.

    I am emailing you now!