Thursday, January 14, 2010


Last year, I read Tracy Kidder's amazing book Mountains Beyond Mountains, about Dr. Paul Farmer's work establishing the organization Partners in Health, building hospitals in rural communities in Haiti.
The book moved me to make a donation at the time. And that's where my donation will be going now, especially in light of the shenanigans the Red Cross has pulled over the years.
I recommend the book and the organization heartily.


  1. one of my favourite books.

    haiti has always been one of *those* places for me. ever since Aristide was deposed for being an evil crook and came to johannesburg (haha my government will accept anyone) and lectured me. in international relations. about diplomacy. YOU WERE DEPOSED! and now you want to tell me about diplomacy?! bah

    anyhoo. my heart aches for the country.

  2. Sarah, you have impeccable taste.

    That's a fascinating story. I've never been to Haiti. My mom and her family lived in the Dominican Republic when she was a kid, and my grandpa was working in the foreign service in D.R., Haiti, and Jamaica. I've always wanted to go there with my mom.

    You mentioned that you were working on a Master's and are planning to continue back in J'berg - what are you studying?