Friday, January 22, 2010


I really enjoyed my vacation. I got to see family, friends, meet new babies, and see movies for four dollars in old indie theaters. But mostly, I ate.
Corn muffins.
It's a Beautiful Pizza.
Mexican take-out.
Oh, with freshly fried tortilla chips and super spicy salsa.
Ethiopian food. (I found an Ethiopian restaurant in Tokyo! More on that later.)
Delicious, delicious Stumptown.


  1. this is funny to me.
    this was exatcly the #1 thing my brother wanted to do when he was we all ate. i dont know my starting weight when he got here but from the morning he left to 48 hrs later i was down -2kg. which seems ridiculous. 2 days. cheers!

  2. I think we all throw caution to the wind with the holidays and such = 0)

  3. everyone started asking me about food i miss today, i am cry cry cryyyying over here

  4. Beth, when you said that, I immediately started channeling the Roy Orbison song, and then the Llorando Spanish version from Mulholland Drive. Now it's haunting me. Thanks?

  5. Hi April Marie! Yeah, I might have overdone it a little, but I'm not sweating it! It'll be six months before I can eat like that again. If I ever move back, THAT'S when it'll be dangerous.

  6. Scoot, I FEEL James' pain. Plus you guys have all that great Tex Mex. Oh mama.