Friday, April 24, 2009

grammar through political campaign slogans

Today I was practicing a simple "Yes, I am/No, I'm not" pattern with a group of seven and eight year olds.

"Are you hot?" "No, I'm not!"
"Are you happy? "Yes, I am!"

I got a few screwups, like, "Yes, I can't!" "No, I don't!" "No, I can!"

Following this was Sho, an adorable cut-up, who threw out, "Yes, we can!"

"Yes, we can!" he said again. "Obama-chan!"

Give that kid an honorary citizenship.

postscript: On the other hand, McDonald's should die for making a campaign that confuses the crap out of my students who think it's appropriate to say stuff like "I'm lovin' it".

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