Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Oh, Yokohama

Yokohama is a beautiful city.

I don't too much care for the Minato Mirai and Sakuragicho areas, which I feel are a little sterile. They don't feel very homey. Even though I like parts, especially bits of Rinko Park, the boardwalk, and the fairy-lit bridges.

But Mom and C. and I spent Monday walking around, especially Moto-machi, Chukagai, and generally Naka-ku. It was so pretty. Yokohama feels more spacious and low-slung than Tokyo. A bit more room to breathe.

We went geocaching near the foreigners' cemetary.

Everything was in full bloom.


  1. Hi!I love yokohama Daikoku nightview area also.
    AutoWave has free parking and lending bicycles.
    Is there new cache around this area?
    Some kind of japanese people think about foreigners cemetery is chic place,I don't think so...but history buildings are very beautiful.
    Yamate area has many slopes and makes me tired.

  2. Hi! Is that you, noramike? I don't know if there is a NEW cache around this area, but we got: Foreigner's Cemetary, Yokohama Bay Bridge Overlook, and Pauline Bridge, all by Abruptio. My mom and sister also got MotoMachi multi/puzzle cache. I helped them solve the puzzle, but I couldn't stay because I had an appointment. So I still need to get that one.

  3. My favorite thing about Yokohama is the Bay Stars. :)

  4. You've given up on the dragons?