Wednesday, April 15, 2009

ready to wear?

I've been eyeing some cute jeans at Uniqlo for awhile. They have pretty good jeans that are comfy and fit well, although the ones I wanted - grey and oh-so-soft without being too idiotically pre-distressed - are a little strange in the seat.

The ones I ended up getting are the "skinny fit - tapered" series. For some reason the bum is shaped differently. The only problem I had when trying them on is that they are freakishly long in the leg. Like they were made for flamingos. I'm on the tall side of average here, even though I'm decidedly average back home. So having six extra inches of leg was a little disconcerting. I figured I could bunch it up or hack it off and do a half-assed sewing job on them at home.

When I went to the check-out, though, the clerk asked me (after fumbling around trying to speak English to me, which was sweet but unnecessary. I appreciate it anyway.) if the length was ok. I replied that they were a little long. He said they could chop and hem them for me in store – for free. Really? Cool!

So I went off to my appointment and came back an hour later and they were beautifully hemmed to just the right length. Bonus.

I guess it's something I might expect when buying a suit, or shopping at some fancy-schmancy place. But a basics, big-box store? For thirty-nine dollar jeans (admittedly the most I've spent on jeans in a long time – maybe ever)? They actually have sewing machines and people who can operate them on site? So nifty.


  1. Hi I'm Meg--Suddenly appearing here! Thanks For writing your blog---It's really great. I have the same jeans! If only they had said that when I bought them. I'm 5 foot 1. And there is a LOT of jean there. I just bunch it up due to my laziness and shockingly people compliment those jeans all the time. :)Like I'm trying to be fashion forward rather than just lazy.

  2. Hi Meg~ thanks for coming by!! Yeah, isn't that a neat service? I think there are placards about it in the dressing room... maybe you could take them back? They might still do it for you since you DID buy them there.