Saturday, February 02, 2008

body moving

Riding the Yokohama Municipal Subway today, I sat across from about eight strapping young boys, approximate age 13-14, sitting on the end seats and fiddling with their contraptions - mobile phones, mp3 players, pocket video games. The train was not crowded, but there were no empty seats. At the next stop, some decidedly elderly people got on and I quickly got up from my seat and went to stand. An old man took my place. At the next stop, when another ancient guy got on, I noticed that none of the boys had gotten up from the priority seats, even though they were now surrounded by old folks. Another stop, and someone (not one of the boys) got up to leave. An old lady started for the seat, but another young man quickly grabbed it, and she looked defeated. I wanted to shout at them: get up, you little maggots! Mind your elders! If someone clearly five times your age gets on the train, give up your damn seat. Especially if you're sitting in the priority section.

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