Wednesday, May 03, 2006

third day in Korea

Spent the day in Busan checking out the Gukje market in Nampodong. Lots of tiny streets crammed with vendors selling all kinds of stuff, from socks to doorknobs. We also walked around Busan station some more - the area adjacent to the station is the Russian sector. Lots of signs in Cyrillic. Lots of blond heavily made up women.
We decided to head to our next destination, Gyeongju. The cheapest, fastest way from Busan is via express bus from the bus terminal at Nopodong station. En route, we were accosted by a friendly businessman with kimchee breath who wanted to practice his English. Due to Ian's terrible pronunciation, James thought that we were coincidentally headed to Gwangju, 4 1/2 hours away, instead of Gyeongju, 1 hour away. Excited that we were coming to his town, he talked to us animately during the 20 minute ride to Nopodong, and then hung around at the bus station trying to get us to meet him the following day. The mistake was discovered, and James resignedly said goodbye as we headed off to catch our bus.
Arriving in Gyeongju late, we walked around and checked into the lovely love Motel Liebe next to the bus station, with a big sign poking into the sky. Lots of amenities similar to the hotel June, and also 45,000 won. Central, pleasant, recommended.

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