Tuesday, May 02, 2006

korea day 2

We spent the day in Seoul taking the cable car up to Seoul Tower and wandering around Namsan park, for good views of Seoul, lots of nature, and many singing schoolchildren on outings. We also hit the lovely veg restaurant Dimibang, at Anguk station on Subway Line 3. I wrote a review for the restaurant at the Happy Cow website here. Then the KTX, or Korean bullet train, to Busan. This was very pleasant, fast, and comfy. Even more so than the shinkansen in Japan, which is smokier, and of course a lot more expensive.
In Busan, we stayed at the Pusan Plaza Hotel, which we had reserved through the Life in Asia website. It was really tatty, and lacked most of the amenities that the June Hotel had for the same price. (Actually, the bill said it was less, but since we reserved online, I think that LIA took a big cut.) Seems to be geared toward Russian business people and tourists - they had business cards in Russian but not English. I don't recommend this place - check the Arirang down the street or one of the other motels on this street. I bet they would be better, and cheaper.
Style forecast for Busan: high heels and baggy-butt sweatpants.

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