Monday, May 01, 2006

first night in Seoul

Alighting at Gimpo airport, we headed onto the subway. One of the first things I noticed about Seoul was the smell - the streets are dirtier than Tokyo (but still not incredibly dirty) and there was a mixture of sewer and kimchee aroma in the air! Sewer, of course, stronger outside, but kimchee smell noticable down below. Since we got in so late, our train didn't go all the way to the station we needed, but stopped 2 stations previous. From there, we hopped into a cab the rest of the way and found our hotel.
Stayed in the Hotel June. Not immediately convenient to tourist spots, but on Line 5 so a straight shot to Gimpo airport and only a few minutes by the same line to downtown. We were able to book online without giving a cc, so it was very easy. The hotel is beautiful, a business/love hotel with tons of amenities. The only indication of possible love hotellery is the pack of condoms next to the bed. The room was stocked with a high speed internet computer, big flatscreen tv, DVD player with free video lending, a/c, air filter machine, water cooler, fridge with free drinks, tons of toiletries, whirlpool tub, and lovely decor. The front desk guy was really friendly and helpful and spoke English. The room was 45,000 won, or about $45.
The kimchee smell got less noticable as the days passed and I got used to it.
Today we're looking forward to seeing some sights and checking out some of the veggie restaurants listed on the Happy Cow site before heading down to Busan.

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