Monday, March 14, 2011

how you can help

Edit, 4/16: 
I've updated the link to Sarajean's page, as she's made a more organized and comprehensive website. The current news reports are saying they still lack food, medicine, diapers, formula for kids, socks, underwear, gas, and more up north, with almost half a million people displaced.

We are mostly fine here in Tokyo, but the horrifying pictures and reports keep pouring in from the north. At present, the confirmed death toll is over 1800, with an additional 15,000 people missing and 450,000 people displaced from their homes.

The Japanese Red Cross is already on the ground working, and it seems to me to make sense to give to a group that is local and already has a system in place. Here's a link where you can donate to them.

There has been a coalition formed between three animal rescue groups (Animal Friend Niigata, Japan Cat Net, and Heart Tokushima) to care for abandoned, lost, and displaced pets, until their owners or new homes can be found. I've been in touch with Japan Cat Net before about volunteering, and they do good work. They have a page on facebook, here.

Finally, I have been taking classes about NGOs in Japan, and my professor, Sarajean Rossitto, is very connected to the NGO scene and knows a lot about who does what. She's set up a useful page about volunteering and donating, with lots of different suggestions about how you can help. Please check it out here.


  1. Thank you for the links. I wish i were part of the Red Cross, or had some kind of medical training or something so i could physically help. I only have so much money i can give..
    I was going to give my blankets to Goodwill when i move next week, but i'm going to see about sending them to that Peace Boat place. I wonder if they'll take jackets too..

  2. This morning, the death toll is up to almost 4,000, with thousands still missing and it's snowing in Iwate.