Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Pure Café

Thought I posted about this place before, but blogger's search function sux and so does my track record with tagging things correctly.

Pure Café in Omotesando is a super healthy and yummy vegan place in the Aveda building, where I would spend all my fancy money if I had it.
This is pumpkin soup, salad, and a roasted vegetable and tempeh sandwich, in the lunch set.


  1. I've been wanting to go there forever. I'll be taking my fancy money there, when I get some (exciting prospect that I can't set a date on right now...)

  2. Thanks for the tip, that looks yummy! I get around that neighbourhood quite often so I'll def check out this place next time.

  3. yes, pure café is the best!! i agree, i would live in that building if i could, getting my beauty needs taken care of in the aveda salon and eating every meal there!! do you think they accept boarders?

    have you ever been to their sister restaurant café eight in nakameguro/aobadai? it's also fantastic.

  4. Jen, the lunch plate, though not cheap, is a pretty good deal - the sandwich set above is 1,200 yen and includes (organic) salad, soup, sandwich of your choice, and a beverage.

    Aveda on the other hand, may require you to mortgage off your firstborn child.

    Bigger, definitely do! There are so many nice galleries and stuff in this area too.

    I<3J, I haven't been to Café Eight yet, though it's on my list. I just don't get over to Meguro as much as I do Shibuya, but I surely will soon. Hmm, maybe Pure/Aveda will let us wash dishes and sweep in return for meals and moisturizer? Aveda has good animal-friendly policies too.

  5. Could sure use some of that pumpkin soup now~

  6. I know! There were toasted pumpkin seeds and nut oil in it, dang. Gonna have to work up a recipe possibly using kabocha or else a can of pumpkin pureé. Purée?