Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I loathe loathe mosquitoes, but I love mosquito coils/katori senko. Obsessed much? Maybe a little.

And Jen B set her first TNR project in motion.

I had the pleasure of meeting the little rascal and I must say he certainly is a yowly one. Although, I'm not sure about the moniker Nits-kun; I feel that he looks more like a Lionel. Thoughts?
Poor baby. We learned through Japan Cat Network that Yokohama does a partial reimbursement for spaying or neutering of strays. Upon some extra research, it looks like my city, Machida, does the same. Arkbark is also a great animal rescue non-profit, and though both organizations operate out of Kansai, they have small Tokyo branches. They are good sources for information about the dismal plight of strays and would-be pets in Japan (the information about how those tiny plastic box pet stores operate is shocking and sad) and are also great at giving advice for doing your own Trap Neuter Return project in your neighborhood.

If you can spare it and are so inclined, either group would benefit greatly from your donation of time, money, or goods. Or you could try giving Jen a hand - I've seen at least a dozen ferals in her immediate neighborhood.

Stay tuned: next up, hummus that looks like wet concrete!


  1. I know, Nits-kun is a bit mean. I wrote Kawaisou-chan on his veterinary inscription form. Lionel reminds me of one of my dad's friends who used to bang on a bit about fishing. Why Lionel? Is it the lion bit?
    Thanks for the help my dear!

    Hummus that looks like concrete? Why you little temptress you.

  2. I don't know; or maybe Harvey? I have certain tendencies when naming animals that others don't necessarily share. No Pookie or Fifi for me. (Tuxedo was named by my little cousins, and I also don't have the heart to change an established name. What right have I? So if Nits-kun has stuck, I'll say no more.)

  3. You can totally call him Lionel. I haven't actually dared call him Nits-kun to his face. I tend to call all cats I don't know in Japan "Mimi" when speaking to them (shortened from "minou" which means "kitty"). Then again, isn't Mimi Mariah Carey's nickname? They both caterwaul, it could work.

  4. I think it is her nickname. I don't presume to name every kitten-mittens that I come into contact with, but since he's summering at yours it might be nice to have something to refer to him as. "Scabby" is also fitting but it's up to you! Let me know!

  5. Ha! i was just thinking about katori senko last night!!
    i love it. i have a stash of it in my kitchen :)
    it reminds me of summer in japan at my grandparents when i was younger. nastukashii~~
    and of my sister. she gave me the stash that i have. :)
    So, i was thinking last night about burning one up, but then that would mean that i would need to sit at my front door (no real patio area, or porch..) and that was just not going to really work out. hahaha. becuase i would have no real reason to stand by my door.
    the mosquitoes here are out of control at the moment.

    PS, its not your blood type that they are attracted to like most people think. its the CO2 that you emit from your breath and sweat that attracted them. either way we are sweet.

    sorry for the ramble.
    love you!

    maybe i'll light a small piece today for nami.


  6. Scoot, sorry I didn't respond to this comment earlier. I just found it again and realized I never wrote back. But that night, I lit some incense for Nami.

    Remember to take some with you if you go for a picnic or to sit somewhere outside to have coffee or something :)