Tuesday, November 25, 2008


The other day I was walking down a street near my aunt's house in Edogawabashi, trying to figure out the way to Ikebukuro. From across the street, I caught a glimpse of a slick glass and wood façade, with red walls and gleaming chrome visible inside. I could see a shiny espresso machine beckoning. I crossed the road.

On the menu they had a macchiato, and it looked like the macchiato I used to drink in Australia, versus the one that they served at the place I worked in Boston. In Australia, it was basically a small, strong latte – a shot, or a double, of espresso, with about the same amount again of milk. In Boston, they just put a little dab of foam on the top, which I've heard it supposed to take off the bitterness, especially if the espresso isn't that good. I much prefer the former.

It was delicious; some of the best coffee I've had in Japan and indeed in awhile.

I was going to post a link to their site and whereabouts but I've lost the card; I'll update when I've found it.

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