Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A new view

Thanks to T&M, I've discovered a new place to look out on the city in which I live. It's the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. Now, their observatory is on the 45th floor rather than the lofty 60-something of Roppongi Hills. But it's got a can't-beat-it price of free, as opposed to the rather spendy admission fee at RH, which admittedly includes a good museum. And the TMGB looks cooler than Roppongi Hills, too. Plus, there's no Gas Panic in the vicinity. Always a plus.


  1. Hey - just found your blog from your Flickr profile! I was in Japan in March and went to the top of this building. Wonderful view, we spent a couple hours up there!

  2. Thanks Lauren! Free is the best price... it's a neat spot and the folks are friendly too.