Sunday, July 01, 2007

ghost shower

Alone in the house.

I. was away for the weekend and I was enjoying the time to myself. Everything at my own pace. I fed the cats and finally got up to bed around midnight. Early morning class meant I would get about six hours of sleep if I was lucky.

As I was drifting off to sleep, I thought I heard the clink of a cat's collar. Tux coming upstairs to crawl into bed with me. I nickered at her, but she didn't come. I looked around the bed. No Tux. Guess I was wrong.

Drifting off again. Thought I heard water. But the houses are so close together here - you can hear clearly what's going on next door, sometimes as if it's your own house. Finally asleep.

The next morning, I stumbled downstairs to take a shower. Funny, the floor of the shower room was wet. It's not unusual if someone's taken a shower in the last few hours. But I hadn't showered since the previous morning. Weird. It is really humid right now, being tsuyuu and all. It was probably just with all the moisture in the air, the water from the day before hadn't evaporated yet.

Taking a shower, I noticed that the soapdish was full of water. Yuck. A pet peeve. I shower in the tub so that the drain doesn't fill/clog too fast and so that the soapdish doesn't fill with water. I. always leaves the soap swimming mushily in a puddle, and when I come into the shower, I routinely drain it. But I.'d been out of town since Wednesday. I thought I'd drained it since then. But maybe I didn't.

Off to work. Didn't lock the house, as usual. Forgot about it.

The next morning, though, it's still humid. It's still tsuyuu. But the water from the previous morning's shower had completely evaporated and the shower room floor was totally dry.

Am I daft?

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