Saturday, July 21, 2007

ESL games

We sometimes play UNO in my classes. Usually it's a reward for having finished our textbook work, and sometimes it's to get the kids focused and having fun. It's good for practicing colors, numbers, and a little reading, and I ask the kids to declare their card as they play it, thus practicing adjective-noun combinations. (It's a red seven!) They bungle their numbers and colors a lot, but they do improve as the game wears on. When they can't play, they say "pass".

We were playing in my 10-year-old girls class. They're pretty sharp - they can form simple sentences and understand a lot. They play fast and know the cards. It came to Aya's turn, and, not being able to play, said, "Oh my god! No! Pass!" I cracked up. Where do they get this stuff? Not from me. In another class, an 8-year-old drew a card and declared "Mamma Mia!" These kids don't speak English. Where do they learn Italian?

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