Monday, March 05, 2007

sano, nikko-shi

Hit up Sano again to hang out with R. and K. Pretty low key this time, mostly looking at thrift stores (always on the lookout for Goccos; also currently seeking frivolous shoes) and walking around. We did hit an osenbei factory in Nikko city; we also checked out the foot-onsen outside of Kinugawa onsen station, but it was too crowded to go in; too bad.
Ume trees are in bloom about now, and there are lots of little temples and shrines near K's house in Imaichi. We walked around several; at one we found a stack of boxes marked with the Buddhist manji symbol, meaning harmony and balance. Better known in the West as the swastika, but in fact appropriated by the Nazis, the Buddhist incarnation usually faces left, not right.

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