Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Again to the inescapable Nara, which we seem to visit every time we go to Kinki. But who can resist petting hordes of wild head-butting deer, clamoring for shika senbei? We bought some right off the bat and I. did much better with not freaking out while feeding them. The trick is to hide the crackers in a pocket or deep in a bag and only take them out one by one, preferably not in the middle of a crowd of them.

Then on to Todaiji, the biggest wooden building in the world, reportedly, and home to a wicked cool big buddha. And, AND, it was not crowded. Which meant there weren't huge crowds pressed around the pillar with the hole the same size as Buddha's nostril. Which, if you can wiggle through it, means that you can reach enlightenment! And, AND, I did it! As did M! We are getting to nirvana! Wicked!

Back to Kyoto because the National Museum was closed (Monday, duh) and tramped up and down Shijo avenue, the main shopping street in Kyoto, looking for paper, frivolous shoes, stamps, and a yukata for M's mom, which she found in Teramachi arcade. On the way, we were handed a flyer for an Indian restaurant by a miserable and freezing cold-looking man, so after some of our missions were accomplished, we wove through the alleys looking for Ajanta Restaurant. We were not disappointed - the food was excellent.

Back to the White Hotel to rest our aching feet.