Monday, January 29, 2007

easy like sunday morning

D. and C. came over for our first Japan Sunday brunch. It was so nice that I hope to make it a much more regular occurrence in the future - brunch is just not a concept here. I tried my hand at my first tofu quiche, first tasted at D. and M.'s post-wedding brunch last year. It was so good that I bought the cookbook that the recipe is in, Vegan Vittles, but hadn't gotten around to making it until this last Sunday. Excellent! Rave results all around, and very easy to make. I. also whipped up some tasty blueberry pancakes and roasted potatoes.

After we watched H's videos and then trooped off to Shibuya to see Iron & Wine's free in-store appearance at Tower Records. They were lovely, much lower-fi and less rock than the show the night before. Lots more intimate. All in all a super day.

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