Monday, July 10, 2006

Matsue and the land of my ancestors

My family went to Matsue to inter my aunt Mami's ashes. For the Takigawa Hoys it was the first visit to this town, to this prefecture, and to see the Japan Sea.
We had heard about our ancestor Takigawa Kazumasu, but in planning this trip it was revealed that not only did he retire to this small backwater after Oda Nobunaga lost his war; but TK also established a temple, lugging a huge Buddha across the country to install on the grounds.
400 years of Takigawas are interred in the family tomb, and the old liver spotted monk told us some of our family history after chanting many Namu Amida Butsus for Aunt Mami.
The temple is called 信楽寺, Shingyouji I believe is the pronunciation. Belief in fun temple. That's us.

After the ceremony, we checked out Matsue Castle and went up to Shimane prefecture to wade in the Japan Sea and eat in a little Indian restaurant there called Kashmir Dabar. Again, managing to find something for all of our picky-ass diets. Amazing.

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