Saturday, December 01, 2012

mo' mayo

It's a mayonnaise graduation. I had earlier spouted the virtues of this nice, vegan albeit expensive soy mayo. But now! A new vegan mayonnaise has come over the horizon!


(Mayo dressing made without eggs.)

At my local grocery, this dude scans for a mere 288 yen. An almost 500 yen savings compared to its competitor. And it is very nice. It's made by a mainstream company which should make it pretty easy to find.

No longer do I have to shell out mad bux nor import Nayonnaise in my suitcase.  Hurrah!


  1. Woo! Vegan mayo! I'll hafta look for this. Is there an ingredient list on the website? I couldn't find one..

  2. Let me read it to you!
    The link is here:


    That is: vegetable oil, vinegar, starch syrup, salt, modified starch, pear juice, xanthan gum, amino acid/seasoning (I read this usually refers to "aji no moto" aka msg), carrot juice extract, vegetable extract, yeast extract, carotene coloring, spices