Saturday, October 27, 2012

Kaisha toilet etiquette

Rules I have observed but don't always observe

Upon entering the restroom, if another lady is present, you must greet her with Otsukaresama desu! (Wassup, fellow laborer!)

Please use the sound princess to muffle the sound of your pee. Under no circumstances should your discharge be audibly recognizable. If no sound princess is installed, you must repeatedly flush the toilet while peeing/pooing to mask the sound. Environment be damned. If available, please also use the "powerful deodorizer" button.

Use the cabinet in the restroom to keep your lady toiletries. Keeping tampons in one's desk is unladylike.

A few minutes after lunch, you should join the klatsch of tooth-brushers doing a community polishing. Five or six to a mirror is fine. Try not to spit on your neighbor.

Except when tooth polishing and gossiping, the user should evacuate quickly if another user enters the restroom. Failure to cede the entire area to the incoming user will result in dirty looks and sighing.

Anything to add?


  1. You're a funny girl, funny girl. Believe it or not, I wish they had a sound princess at my work place. I don't mind peeing, but I don't like the plop plop sound, whether it's mine or somebody else's.

    1. This morning I was in the work toilet and the person in the next stall was moaning and straining! Ugh.