Tuesday, September 18, 2012

We went on a boat.

It was a big boat, packed with revelers, dancing and decked out in yukata, and the spirits flowed freely.

Well, "spirits" is a tad generous. Sapporo beer and mango chu-his, more like.
My yukata got progressively sexy as the night wore on.
We cruised around the Tokyo Bay, under the Rainbow Bridge. Saw the city from the harbor, set back from all the twinkle lights.

Fun was had.

This seems like a good place to mention a few songs about boats that are kicking around in my head, that I love. I used to always always have a soundtrack playing in my head but nowadays the music has subsided somewhat. I'd say now it's more like half the time. I blame tech. I still love music but all the synching and uploading and downloading, it's exhausing.

If I Had a Boat
by Lyle Lovett
I Wanna Be a Boat
by Jawbreaker


  1. Did you see any "big f'ng boats?"

  2. The boat was pretty big! A few hundred people easily.