Wednesday, July 11, 2012

puppy meet & greet

We had a puppy meet & greet over the weekend for the newest batch of pups to come down from the shelter.
They are (clockwise from upper left) Kazu (boy), Tanner (girl), Sawa (girl), and Beckham (boy). I didn't name them, but maybe you can guess the theme... I think the name Sawa is cute anyway. I heard she's a famous Japanese female soccer player.
These babies are a bit over three months old, newly spay/neutered, and vaccinated. Whee!
I also got to see some graduates. Poppy and Sakura came along for the ride, and we got to see a grown-up Bucket! Renamed Neville, he's an utter sweetpea.
And guess who else stopped by to say hi.... who's this? Could it be....? No way. Hold on.
Really? That guy?
Check it:
All grown up! His name is still Nakio (Naki for short) and he is still a Monster Boy!

The puppies are still looking for forever home. Drop a line to JCN if you need a snuggly companion that will grow up to be an enormous ball of energetic fur.


  1. I was wondering if you took your two pups. Naki looks cute. All pups are cute, cute, cute. Hope they get adopted.

  2. Naki is comparatively enormous! And whatchoo talking about, I have three pups currently, but Chiro's a jerk who doesn't get along with other dogs so she couldn't go. Sakura had some growling issues too so she had a time out.