Monday, April 02, 2012

Puppy Galore

Taku is the friendliest.
We had a flea market.
Taku, even younger.
We had a picnic.
Sibs stick together.
Taku and Tessa and Kumi came.
Darwin has a bit of shut eye.
 Torro and Darwin came. Torro left. Darwin left.
Kumi and Yamato make friends.
Kumi left. Tessa hid under the couch. Bucket and Sydney and Alfie came. Alfie left. Bucket left. Sydney left. Tessa left. Taku left. Bereft.

Addy came.
She tore up the house. She doesn't like electronics. Take that, vacuum cleaner! Take that! DVD player! Take that, lamps! Hoo boy.
I love this poster campaign advertising travel to Tohoku. Great!
Iku ze!

Thanks this week to Michelle, who sent a donation. Thanks, Michelle, for helping to get all these puppies vetted, transported, and placed!

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