Sunday, February 05, 2012

Joey poster boy

I am sweet. Vote for me.
Joey is a cat that Naruki-san and I rescued in Fukushima a few months ago. We spotted him limping next to the road, with visible scars. We stopped to trap him, and he tried to hide, but didn't get far, pathetically positioning himself behind a thin patch of grass in the gutter. We put out food, and he quickly came to scarf it down, making him easy to pick up. We went straight to the vet, as he had several open wounds, missing fur, and a huge scar running from his face and diagonally across his chest, and was piteously thin. When we got him to the vet, we further discovered a quarter-sized hole in the skin on his armpit, his insides visible. One of the vet techs started crying at this point. We got him cleaned up and medicated, and then took him to the shelter to begin the healing and fattening process. He was recently adopted by his wonderful foster mom. Most of his scars have healed, and he has put on weight. He is so friendly and sweet, and so glad to be in a warm and loving place with other kitty friends around. 
Thanks to Naruki-san, who came up that day for the first time, and has continued to come out to volunteer on a regular basis since then, and Jeffrey, who sent me a donation. Thank you!