Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Help cats and teach English!

Substitute for a good cause!
Japan Cat Network is looking for someone to come to Hikone (near Kyoto), to cover some evening English classes so that we can continue to work in Tohoku. Right now there are classes that need to be covered for tomorrow night (Thursday). We are not looking for a volunteer - we can pay 4,000 yen per 60 minutes plus some transportation. If you might be able or interested please write back right away, We need someone for tomorrow, and need to set it up now, or leave Tohoku in the morning. There are also classes on Monday and Friday nights - with the possibility to crash here overnight if need be.
 If you are able to volunteer at the shelter as well, we would love you forever. 
Drop me a comment or shoot me an email if you can help!


  1. O how I wish I could have said yes... but I suspect the contribution to travel from Australia wouldn't have quite covered it. Hope it worked out.

  2. Thanks Ben - we found a few subs for this week but are still looking for next week.