Tuesday, July 14, 2009


My day off was unexpectedly hot. I took Dear Brother and Princess J to the bus station to catch their ride to the airport and thought, "I'm up early. It's hot. It would be nice to go to the beach!"

So I went to the beach. Where there are lots of tonbi, aggressive black kites that swoop on your food. Scarier than seagulls. Huge things.
Yuigahama (由比ケ浜) is just down the way from Enoshima, but isn't nearly as dirty. It's less crowded, and it's a nice place to just sit and listen to music and read. Which is what I did.
It's a few minutes on foot from the Great Buddha, and a short jaunt to other less famous temples and cute neighborhoods. A little greenery at a small temple near the beach. Buckets for cleaning gravestones.

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