Monday, June 22, 2009

Mui is muy bueno

J needed a haircut, and Princess J's hair is more high maintenance than mine. So no thousand-yen Iwasaki butchers for her. We sought something with a touch more professionalism.

Mui sits on the main drag of Machida, just overlooking Asbee shoes. The price for a cut for members is 2500 yen (to be a member, just fill out a onesheet and receive a shiny gold membership card).

Had I known before that I could be utterly pampered by stylish, flirty boys for over an hour for only 2500 yen, AND get a haircut out of the deal, I would have quit my cheapskate ways long ago. Shampoo, head massage, fantastic attention to detail, swarms of assistants meticulously drying my hair. It's like therapy.

We liked it so much that when T. wanted to get a haircut during her visit, we dragged her to Mui just a week after our cuts. The tencho (shop boss, the same guy who cut Princess J's hair) worked on her.

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