Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I'm kind of cheap. And I like used stuff. So I had a little shopping urge and managed to address it for a mere 780 yen. Thanks, Thank You Mart!

Some other thrift stores in my area:

Kinji: I've never found something I liked there.

B-style(part of the Book Off kingdom): The hundred or two hundred yen racks are cool for a quick skirt.

Thank You Mart: A small, but seemingly more carefully cultivated selection. Everything is 390 yen!

And I always love the city-run Machida Recycling Culture Center. Even though I don't usually find clothes there, I find other random cool stuff sometimes. Loads of zippers. Vintage stickers. Oodles of kimono cheap that make me wish I could quilt or do sakiori. Gocco stuff. Etc.


  1. のらっち4/10/2009 5:29 AM

    Kawaii nostalgic design.
    I go to B-style to look for material.
    Bought a lady's belt recently and making a camera lanyard(sutorappu) now.
    Once I found the good furniture at Recycling Culture Center,but was not able to load it onto a car...
    I’m getting bored of my noramikesan name

  2. So should I call you Noracchi? What do you buy material for? I try to sew, a little, but I'm bad at it. I know you make leather goods. Do you sew, too?

  3. yes,leather goods are all hand sewing.Since I moved temporarily cannot use tools.its very noisy.
    I also sew the cloth but my sewing machine is broken now,u-mm...I'm not good at hand-sewing too.

  4. Why do you sew so much? For hobbies/passion or for work, too? It's interesting. I'd love to learn how to sew better. My sewing machine works... kind of... but I'm not very good at using it.