Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I AM: U.S.American and Japanese. The 'merican side is Irish-German-France-NativeAm-etc.

I WANT: café con leche and fruit.

I WISH: I could quilt.

I HATE: intolerance and pomposity.

I MISS: my mom, dad, and sister.

I HEAR: coffee percolating, the shower showering, the shutters rattling.

I WONDER: how Scooter is doing.

I REGRET: regretting; it's a waste of time.

I AM NOT: as decisive as I'd like to be.

I DANCE: in the living room and on the train platform.

I SING: all the time. Loudly.

I CRY: at the news, reading books, watching movies.

I AM NOT ALWAYS: proactive.

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: baked things, like cakes and muffins and cookies. And bottlecap magnets.

I WRITE: less than I should. For a dinky newspaper. And a few ballogs.

I CONFUSE: myself trying to speak two foreign languages at once.

I NEED: to procrastinate less.

I SHOULD: get back to a lot of people.

I START: retiling the bathroom floor. Sort of. Well, we bought the tiles.

I FINISH: things long after I start them.

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