Thursday, July 10, 2008

Censorship all around

What the hell? We all can look at nekkid girls til the cows come home, but post a (limp) dick and people start freaking the fuck out.

This isn't even porn, people. There's nothing dirty or wrong or even sexy about it.

Talk about a double standard.


  1. boobs are cool

  2. what truly bothered me was that on every site i've seen connected to the picture some reader is genuinely worried about the security of their job etc ... i mean it isn't about some corporate nazi censor but people like you and me, , the 'free agent', who are accepting and internalizing this.

  3. patrick: so are nutz.

    alin: not accepting it. don't have too much of a choice, since it's a privately-owned publication, subject to owners'/sponsors' whims. but it's good to voice objections. i'm glad that more than a few people noticed and had some thoughts about it.