Wednesday, September 12, 2007

various punkass children who have no relation to me

Biking down the Onda River the other day, we stopped for a snack break. A mouthy and moonfaced kid rides up on his bike and says, "Whaddya doin'? Eating? Why don't you eat over there?" He points to a place where half a dozen sullen teens are congregated, smoking and listening to a boombox.
"Because it's crowded!" I reply.
"Oh, right," he says, and bikes off.

A little child of about three with a loud mouth, navy rain stomper boots, and a yellow umbrella open but slung over his shoulder, protecting nothing except for his bottom from the rain coming from below, says repeatedly as I pass on the way to the mailbox... "ame na no kasa ga nai... ame na no kasa ga nai...": "it's raining but you don't have an umbrella... it's raining and you don't have an umbrella!" His mom tells him to shut it.

And in other news, "Oh my God!" is catching. Today it was "oh my gahhh!"

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