Sunday, December 31, 2006


I had a lovely visit to Seattle, another beautiful western city. Went up for the evening to visit with D. and M. and see their new house they bought this year, up near Greenlake. It's a beautiful place, built in the 1920s, and they've made it really comfortable and cozy.
A little drizzly, we nevertheless took a stroll along the lake in search of food. Though our restaurant of choice was clean out of veggie options, we stocked up at the PCC and went home to create delicious sandwiches and play Scrabble.
Along with T., we went to eat at the delicious Cafe Flora, a great vegetarian and vegan restaurant near Capitol Hill. The service was really nice and the food super tasty. Highly recommended.

The next day, the weather turned gorgeous, sunny and clear, and D. and I went shopping for red panties to ring in the new year in the Spanish tradition. A few years ago, when B. and I were living in Spain, we were taught this custom by our friends there, who informed us that by all means we must wear new red knickers given to us by someone else. We brought the custom back to tell our friends, and D. has apparently been following it with dedication every year since, though I have only observed it here and there. We loaded up on sexy underwear for girls and boys, then headed back for one last sandwich before I hit the highway back down South, attempting to take photos of the skyline while driving. Old habits die hard. Driving the little Justy, there was no cruise control, so my attempts at photography were unsuccessful.

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